Saturday, June 16, 2012

In a bizarre twist of re-enactment fate a 200 year old home was razed to the ground in Westerphile county today when some war of 1812 celebrations got out of control. A generously funded re-enactment by overzealous Conservative supporters, feeling flush with righteousness, whiskey, matches and serviceable fire-arms, led to a march upon the home of some Liberal supporters. Before the first match was lit the revelers managed to reach the Prime Minister by phone and he wished the conflagration Godspeed. After the fire was put out the PMO issued a statement that the Prime Minister has a majority and that opposition houses may be burned when necessary for the sake of the economy. It would appear that this time around the usurper is from within. The PMO denies this, and they also deny denying it. This report is to be burned. If it is found unburned in the hands of anyone they are to be burned along with the report.