Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apes, Giants and Weidenreich

Raising the differences between racial groups to the rank of specific differences by giving those groups specific names is nothing but an attempt to exaggerate the dissimilarities by the application of taxonomic tricks.

Franz Weidenreich, from Apes, Giants and Man.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heaven For Bid

There are collaborators, zealots and those who await vindication.

Christianity entered flesh wearing Western History’s dress.

Jesus was guilty of blasphemy and thought of himself as God’s fig leaf.

Intransigent monotheism leads to a Tragedy of Nature.

The Athletic event divine, may cast us, either up or down.

Mountainous caves in Turkey housed early Christians.

In the beginning the herd was divested of its rational principle.

The conquest of Death became a massive American campaign.

God entered Paul but believed in Peter better.

Christian authors condone no killing until Constantine.

The experience of the modern writer is to know neither success nor failure.

When the masses began to flock ardent spirits withdrew.

The Franks recognized the bishop from Rome to Ravenna.

Defenders of the Image argue that Art is Spirit’s depiction.

The Saints were militarized and Peter cut off his ear to hear about it.

Men without feeling desired to cleanse the monasteries.

Piety begat industry begat wealth smote piety.

The Church condones usury condemns condoms.

Luther took the bible and the Pope spilt money.

Violent conflict led to the problem of freedom.

The inquisitor is not curious but has the answer in mind.

Papal infallibility is thrice denied by corruption.

Protestant Liberalism invades the Universe.

The greatest numerical gain came from primitive people.

Modern Pietist movements inveigh a saccharine cult.

All are welcome to everlasting punishment.

America has the right to bear arms (when it wants bare breasts).

Peace is the sufferance of giving unwanted love.

We are the tantrums of a failed asceticism.

What wavers in illusion is made real by violence.