Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pinnochio Knows

1 question Harper would censor

Stephen Harper questions frank discussion to:

a) avoid public scrutiny
b) borrow another $6 billion for profitable corporations
c) divert attention from poor record on bank regulations
d) justify applying one policy on abortion abroad and another at home
e) to make abortion illegal in Canada
f) ignore the clean energy economy
g) ignore the best educated, most highly-skilled workforce in the world
h) cut funding to arts festivals, women’s groups, gay pride events, environmental research and energy efficiency programs
i) waste taxpayers’ dollars in self-promotion associated with the Economic Action Plan – including TV, print and radio ads, signage in front of projects, and travel to and from photo-op announcements
j) do nothing to ease the pressure on our health care system
k) to avoid Access to Information
l) all of the above